December 18, 2015

5 Tips To Keep You Riding This Winter

Do you or any of your family or friends cycle to work? The onset of winter shouldn’t stop you riding. Don’t let the weather keep you off your bike – just follow this handy 5 tips to keep you in the saddle over the festive period and into 2016.


The last thing you want is to start 2016 by yourself and stranded at the edge of a freezing cold road. It’s always wise to keep on top of your bike’s maintenance and winter is the time you reap the rewards for that dedication to your bike’s cause. Pay close attention to moving parts – such as your chain, gears, cables, hubs and bottom bracket – and keep your chain oiled regularly. The roads will very likely have been gritted at the start of a new year, so make sure your cables are in good shape and able to withstand exposure to salt and water.


Winter is often the time to invest in tyres that offer lots of puncture protection and are harder wearing than normal. Tubeless and solid tyres are an inexpensive option – and offer good protection – but we’d recommend pushing the bike out that little bit further and investing in Continental Gatorskins, for example.


Make sure that your lights are charged and that you have fresh batteries before every ride (this may sound obvious, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded!). Remember that the sun is at its weakest in winter, too, so using your lights in daylight during these dark months will highlight your presence to other road users. Don’t get caught out by the shorter days, either, and remember to always have your lights with you – small and bright rechargeable LED lights are easily purchased and won’t cost the earth.


This is an important one and often quite tricky to get right. If you have time, wear what you have planned and go outside for a quick warm-up cycle to see if your clothes suffice. What you need by differ each day, so, while it may seem expensive initially to prepare for winter, the pay-out will pay-off in the long run. Clothing essentials for cycling in winter include waterproof jacket, thermal bib tights, thermal/wicking undervest, windproof gilet/jersey, overshoes, windproof/thermal gloves and clear glasses.


Now for the best bit of preparing for winter: food and drink! Don’t worry, we’re not going to send your calorie count racing, but eating enough before and during a ride is as important in winter as it is at any other time of year. Tips for drinking include mixing your chosen drink with hot or warm water to keep the chill off or, on longer rides, make sure you have time for cafe stops etc. Lots of cyclists enjoy an energy bar on a ride, but it’s worth remembering that they can often become hard during cold weather, so perhaps opt for gels instead.

By rippleffect
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    We have been very impressed with the speedy and professional response we have had since joining your scheme. We have found the contacts we speak to be more than helpful and very pleasant in their manner.

    Anne Jackson - Hamburg Süd

    ALDI would recommend Bike 2 Work Scheme to any employer. We have found the service provided by the team at Bike 2 Work Scheme to be professional, speedy and friendly. A number of our staff have already purchased bikes through the scheme since our registration 5 months ago, and we predict many more will take advantage of this salary sacrifice in the upcoming months

    Kez Ruffles - Aldi Stores Ltd.

    We have been with the Bike 2 Work Scheme for over a year and have a good number of our staff obtaining bikes through the scheme. Bike 2 Work offer a high level of service and are efficient in getting the contracts and vouchers sent out. Emails sent regarding questions or queries are always responded to speedily and the Bike 2 Work employers are very knowledgeable on the scheme.

    Wendy Peaks - Expeditors

    One of the things that attracted us to Bike 2 Work Scheme was the number of cycle shops available enabling our employees to access one near them, which appears to have encouraged take up of the scheme. Having circulated the leaflets provided, there has been a lot of interest once people could see how easy and financially advantageous it was. All our dealings with the scheme have been very professionally handled, all our queries answered, and paperwork dealt with speedily. We would recommend Bike 2 Work to any employer.

    Peter Langton - Promart Homecenter

    I was given the task of getting our company Abbey Logistics Group on the Bike 2 Work Scheme, I looked around and researched a number of schemes but thought that the Bike 2 Work Scheme was the best. I still feel I made the correct choice for a number of reasons. The amount of partner shops I found was fantastic and the speedy response from the scheme is second to none just to name a couple. May I take a moment to say a big thank you to the Bike 2 Work Scheme for helping our company to a greener future.

    Alan Sutton

    A number of my team had been suggesting they were keen to get on their bike, get fit and try to get out of using public transport and mentioned the Bike2Work scheme. I contacted the team at Bike2Work and they made it very simple for Bright Purple to get engaged, explaining everything required of us to get going. As a company we are keen to support green issues and want to do our bit for the environment, so getting the team on 2 wheels is a good start. Thank you Bike2Work - great idea.

    Nick Price

    You have provided an excellent service and I really can’t fault it. Helpful, knowledgeable staff who go out of their way to answer any question or accommodate any request. We’ve had about 50 applications to you now and they’ve all gone through without a hitch, but with many satisfied staff!

    Anthony Piccaro

    I only heard about Bike 2 Work Scheme when I visited my local cycle shop. It was great to hear that the government actually had a scheme in place which made cycling cost effective for the employee, whilst promoting a healthier lifestyle. Setting up the scheme was extremely easy, they made sure that we had everything that we required and was always on standby to answer any questions. I would happily recommend the Bike 2 Work Scheme to any employer.  

    Tom Watts