How does it work? Use the arrows below to view our 9 simple steps

  • Step 1

    Employer registers with Bike 2 Work scheme and is given an employer pin

  • Step 2

    Employee registers with Bike 2 Work Scheme using the employer pin

  • Step 3

    Employee chooses one of our partner stores, makes their selection and obtains a written quotation

  • Step 4

    Employee signs in and submits quote on-line

  • Step 5

    Bike 2 Work Scheme raise an invoice and hire agreement which is sent direct to the employer

  • Step 6

    The hire agreement is to be signed by both the employer and employee

  • Step 7

    Once signed by both parties, the company make payment to Bike 2 Work Scheme

  • Step 8

    Once payment is received, Bike 2 Work Scheme will issue a voucher and post it direct to the company

  • Step 9

    Employee takes the bike voucher to their chosen shop to collect their bike/equipment

Employer Incentives

Fitter, healthier and more productive staff

Healthy staff are less likely to be absent through stress or illness

Savings on employer NI contributions (up to 13.8%)

Reduce your carbon footprint

We administer the scheme for you at no cost to your company

Scheme is an attractive benefit for employees

Employee Incentives

Save up to 42% on the cost of bikes/equipment

Improve your general health and well-being!

Lose weight and tone up

Cost is spread over weekly/monthly interest free payments

Save money on travelling costs

After sale service from chosen bike shops

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Partner Shops

Partner Shops

Chose from a selection of over 1,400 shops including on-line stores

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Keeping on the Move

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Signed Up To Date

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