Get Ready / Everything You Need

Get everything you need to bring the scheme to your Employees - completely free of charge.

Enjoy first-class service from your own personal Account Manager, who'll always be on hand to help.

You and your Employees have access to over 2,200 partner stores across the UK, offering an excellent choice of bikes and equipment.

Get Set / Employer Incentives

  • Fitter, healthier and more productive staff

  • Fewer absences through illness or stress

  • Savings of up to 13.8% on employer NI contributions

  • Reduction of carbon footprint

  • Valuable green credentials for your company

  • An attractive benefit for Employees

Client Testimonial

Saving Calculator

Enter your total amount of staff. The calculator will then calculate the companies savings based on a 10% take up and average voucher amount of £800.

Employers save up to 13.8% in Employers National Insurance Contributions

Employees who cycle to work, take on average 2.1 less sick days per year that those who don’t cycle to work. This calculation is based on sick days costing Employers an average of £258 per day.

This is the combined total of the maximum your employees will save during the scheme.

This is an estimate of savings based on each employee cycling apporx 5 miles per day.

* These figures are based on an average & may vary.