18th August 2022

4 Ways the New Highway Code Makes Cyclists Safer

Bike2Work Blog Team

Riding on the road can be daunting for many new and inexperienced cyclists. Unless you live and work in the countryside it’s unlikely, you’d be able to cycle to work without travelling down at least one road.

Six months on from the latest highway code amendments, we’ve decided to look at some of these new changes and talk about how they’ve effected cyclists. Read on for a short breakdown of our thoughts on the new highway code.


  • Hierarchy of road users

The January 2022 highway code introduced the new ‘Hierarchy of Road Users’. This places people driving in a position of greater responsibility and means they are expected to lookout for the safety of nearby cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians. Furthermore, cyclists are expected to prioritise pedestrians at junctions and in their path. This change aims to prevent collisions and make the road for safer for everyone by prioritising the most vulnerable.

  • Roundabout priority – cyclists have priority on roundabouts.

The highway code also offers new clarification and guidance regarding roundabouts. The new rules make it clear that no person driving a car or motorcycle should attempt to overtake cyclists (or people on horseback) and must allow cyclists to move across their path as they travel around the roundabout.

  • Junctions –

New rules on junctions give priority to cyclists when travelling straight ahead and helps to prevent left turn collusions. This means if a driver needs to turn they are required to let cyclists going straight on pass (unless there are traffic signs indicates otherwise) whilst cyclists only need to give way to crossing pedestrians.

  • Passing cyclists

Drivers are now advised to keep your vehicle a minimum of 1.5 meters away when attempting to pass a cyclist. More space should be left when travelling in dangerous conditions such as poor weather, low light or over 30 mph. If you’re unable to pass at a minimum safe distance, drivers should be cautious and wait to until it is safe to overtake.


What are your thoughts on the new highway code?

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