18th August 2022

Our top UK cycling events for 2022

Bike2Work Blog Team

2022 may be half over already but there’s still plenty for cyclists to look forward to! Why not take advantage of the sun this summer and attend on one of the many amazing cycling events on offer across the UK?

Whether you’re looking for leisurely rides, competitive climbs or cycling celebrations you’ll find something to be excited about on our list:


Take on a punishing ride through the Yorkshire Moors before tucking into a complimentary pork pie at the finish line at the Struggle Moors. Covering 180km and seven climbs this epic event touts itself as one of the hardest sportives in the UK. Perfect for an experienced cyclists looking for a new challenge and breath-taking views.

Started in 2017 Grinduro is a gravel road race with a festival atmosphere. Take part in a jammed packed weekend of cycling celebrations and rugged terrain. Covering 96km over a mix of surfaces, Grinduro’s long climbs and single-track descents are a mountain biking dream.

Founded in 2006, take on the UK’s biggest road climb in this 144km ride through the hidden gems of Scotland’s unspoilt landscape. 

Go on an adventure through the beautiful New Forest National Park. Choose from one of four different routes that will take you along the forests sweeping roads as well as along the coast at Lepe.

Hosted in County Fermanagh Northern Ireland, the Lakelander Gravel Grinder is a gravel cycling challenge that leads you through spectacular views and remote wilderness. Choose between the Big Dog 100km and Little Dog 50km route and challenge yourself to tough climbs through rolling countryside this October.


What kind of cycling events do you enjoy? Are you excited for any upcoming events?

Let us know on social media!

If you’re an employer who’s looking for a new way to motivate your employees, visit our FAQ for more information on the Bike 2 Work scheme and how your business can take advantage of the government's tax-free cycle scheme.

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