26th January 2023

Which UK Cities Have the Healthiest Commutes?

Bike2Work Blog Team

Which UK Cities Have the Healthiest Commutes?

Now that many of us are back in the office, the morning commute has again become a daily activity we’re all familiar with.

But while commuting to the workplace might be necessary, it’s not always the best for our health. From the stress of sitting in traffic to breathing in polluted air, there are lots of reasons our daily commute could hinder rather than help.

At Bike2Work, we decided to investigate which UK cities have the healthiest commutes. Looking at the UK’s 50 most populated cities, we analysed various factors such as air pollution, number of green spaces, number of bike routes, amount of congestion, yearly sunlight hours and how many people cycle or walk to work to determine the cities with the healthiest commutes.

Here's what we found...

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