24th May 2021

Be Ride Ready

Aimee Radcliffe

Be Ride Ready

Leaving your car at home and cycling to work is a brilliant way to improve your health and wealth (Reduce those pesky petrol bills!).

With a rumoured heatwave coming we know many of you will be back in the saddle in the next few weeks, that’s why we’ve put together a few tips that’ll keep you speeding along on your ride to work.

Fuel up

Although you will be saving on petrol, the extra energy you will need to pedal your way into the office will require food of the right sort. Slow releasing carbs will be ideal here, think porridge, fruit, pasta or if time is tight, an energy bar!

Limber up

If you’ve been in-active for a while it could be worth doing some light stretches to warm your muscles up and make the ride easier. The increased endorphins exercise will provide, will give you a real boost to kickstart your working day and can help to make you more productive in work.



Check your lights, brakes and chain

Always make sure to check your bike over before setting off! There’s nothing worse than getting stranded half way to work because there wasn’t enough air in your tyres. Before heading off on any ride remember your ABC’s (Air, breaks and chain) and make sure to give your bike a thorough once over. Always make sure to check your lights are working before setting off as well, and keep some spares on hand just in case!

Know your route

Planning your route ahead of time can help you feel confident and save you time. We’d recommend using a route planner, or Google Maps, the night before your first commute to work so you can set yourself at ease. If you’re looking for an app to plan your route, you can check out some great recommendations here.

Of course, the best way to really prepare is to take a trial run! Why not do a dummy run on the weekend when there’s less traffic and the roads aren’t as busy? A practice run can really help build confidence on the route.

Wear appropriate clothing

We don’t expect to see many of you in a suit on your bike but it’s not unheard of! Comfortable well fitted clothing is needed for your commute and don’t forget your helmet!

What are some of your tips for being ride ready?

And that’s just a few of our top tips for making sure you are ready to ride.

If you have any other recommendations or tips, let us know in the comments below!

Visit our FAQ for more information on the Bike 2 Work scheme and how your business can take advantage of the government's tax-free cycle scheme.

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