28th July 2021

4 Simple ways you can help keep your employees engaged

Aimee Radcliffe

4 Simple ways you can help keep your employees engaged

In our recent posts we’ve covered how to increase productivity and encourage your staff to live a healthier lifestyle, but one area that often holds businesses back is low employee engagement. Keeping engagement high and making sure your employees are motivated can have a very positive effect. Studies show that having a more engaged workforce leads to an increase in productivity, staff retention and innovation.

That’s why we’ve put together a short list of 4 ways you can increase morale and keep your employees engaged.


While your first instinct as a manager might be to keep staff on a short leash, letting your employees decide how they approach their workload can have a really positive effect on engagement levels. Offering more autonomy in the workplace helps employees feel more valued whilst also building trust. Sure, there may be some staff members who take advantage of a relaxed work environment but with proper oversight the benefits outweigh the pitfalls. If this doesn’t seem like the right approach for you, flexi-time could be also a good way to offer your staff more independence and control.


Why should employees go above and beyond when it goes unnoticed? You don’t have to throw a party every time your team finishes a project ahead of schedule, but staff who feel like their hard work isn’t appreciated often experience a drop in productivity and overall work quality. Try implementing awards days or employee of the month so you can offer rewards to high achievers and spotlight your most productive staff.



Team Building

According to recent studies from Gettysburg university, the average adult will spend roughly a third of their life at work. People spend a lot of time with their co-workers and building strong work relationships keeps staff invested in the business. By fostering open communication with management, you’ll improve employee engagement and overall happiness. One way you achieve is by running team outings and events or even just implementing regular company-wide updates so your staff feel more involved in the business. If those options aren’t for you, why not try implementing regular one-to-ones with management so staff can raise concerns?


Finally, often the simplest way to increase employee engagement is to sign post development opportunities and offer additional training/responsibility to staff. This’ll prove to your employees that you’re invested in their future and provide further incentive for hard work.

How are you keeping your staff engaged?

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