15th October 2021

Our top 10 tips for beginner cyclists (2021)

Aimee Radcliffe

Our top 10 tips for beginner cyclists (2021)

Cycling regularly may be better for your health, and the environment, but many people are nervous about their first ride. Starting something new can be intimidating and cycling is no exception.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of Bike2Work’s top 10 tips for beginner cyclists:


1. Find the right bike for you.

There’s no need to rush! Take your time trying to find the right bike and don’t be afraid to try a few out before making your decision. Sure, mountain and BMX bikes are cool but unless your commute takes you off the beaten path or you love learning tricks, they may not be the best fit.

2. Posture

It’s important to make sure your seat, handle bars and pedals are adjusted to fit your body comfortably. This helps to prevent injury and helps you cycle better. Keeping your shoulders relaxed and your back down also helps with wind resistance and aerodynamics.

3. Check the weather report before setting off.

Always try to check the weather forecast before setting off. It may look lovely and sunny outside but we’ve all been tricked before by British weather. Don’t risk turning blue or getting yourself soaked through. Check the weather forecast and plan appropriately.

4. Dress appropriately

You don’t have to drop a ton on cycling accessories or sportswear to get started. We’d recommend sticking to comfortable sweat wicking materials and layering warmer clothing (Such as jerseys or windbreakers) during the colder and wetter months.

5. Always bring your lock and lights with you.

Things rarely go to plan. You never know when you may need to hop off your bike or find yourself riding later than planned. Keeping your lock and lights to hand will prevent you from having to risk leaving your bike somewhere unsafe or put yourself at risk by riding in the dark.

6. Focus on time instead of distance.

Don’t feel down if you aren’t able to ride for miles at first. It’s much better to focus on your time spent cycling when you first start out rather than the distance you can cover. The more you cycle, the better you’ll get.

7. Stay hydrated.

Do your best to stay hydrated and make sure you’re drinking water regularly throughout your ride. This’ll help keep you cool and your energy levels high.

8. Positioning

Riding on the road (Especially through busy city streets!) can be intimidating at first but it’s important to stay confident. Be assertive and make sure you to stay at least 1m from the curb. This way drivers will be more likely to see you and you’ll reduce your risk.

9. Don’t avoid hills.

The more you climb, the easier it gets. Don’t keep avoiding that hill! It’ll be hard at first, but you’ll be surprised how quickly you get the hang of it. Think of all the beautiful routes you’ll be able to ride once you conquer your fear of hills and just do it. If you’re still struggling, and feel like you need the extra push, why not get an electric bike?

10. Keep basic maintenance tools on hand.

Be prepared for the worst by having some basic tools on hand (Such as a puncture kit, pump, spare innertube etc.). This’ll prevent you from being late to work due to a puncture or from having to cut your weekend ride short.

What are some of your top tips for beginners?

What did you think of our top 10 tips for beginner cyclists? Did we miss any?

If you have any other recommendations or tips, let us know in the comments below!


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