3rd June 2021

Top Five cycling cities in the UK (2021)

Aimee Radcliffe

Top Five cycling cities in the UK (2021)

Are you on autopilot during your commute? We get it, riding the same route everyday can become a little boring. So why not mix it up on the weekends?

City breaks aren’t just for dates, bring your bike and experience the UK a new way.

With Summer in full swing and the UK on the verge of reopening, we thought this would be a great time to let know some of our favourite cities to cycle in.

Read on to find out Bike2Works top cycling cities:


Often overlooked, Liverpool’s unique cityscape, beachfront dunes and stunning green spaces make it a true diamond in the rough. Visit Formby beach and explore the sand dunes on the way to Southport Pier, ride along the Albert Docks and take in the city’s beautiful waterfront, or hop on the Ferry (Or, if you’re feeling brave, cyclists are allowed to use the Queensway tunnel at night) and take in the view from Birkenhead’s promenade.


With plenty of hills and incredible countryside views, Edinburgh is a great city for active cyclists who are looking for more challenging routes. Take in the local history with a ride along the Royal Mile, explore the seaside at Portobello beach or loop around Arthur’s Seat for stunning views of the city.


With over 80 miles of dedicated cycle routes and lanes, Cambridge is a cycle friendly dream! The local council supports the cycle community by placing restrictions on car parking permits, providing lots of opportunities for cycle hire and giving priority to cyclists in many busy spots around the city. Whether you’re a history buff, or a nature enthusiast, you’ll have a great cycling experience in Cambridge. However, if you’d rather explore the city on foot, you’ll have no trouble finding a parking spot. Cambridge’s main railway station can accommodate almost 3,000 parked cycles within its innovative multi-storey bike park CyclePoint (Opened in 2016).





Ranked first in Komoots recent poll of 2,000 UK cyclists, Cardiff beat out other favourites like Bristol and Cambridge to become the UK’s top cycling city. From country parks and riverside trails, to stunning coastal bays there’s a route for everyone in the Welsh capital. In fact, Cardiff Council are currently hard at work developing proposals for five brand new cycling routes which will improve access to the city centre and Cardiff Bay even more.

  • Bristol

Deemed the UK’s first cycling city by the Department of Transportation, Bristol has embraced UK cyclists with open arms. With stunning riverside trails and a thorough network of city centre cycle paths, cycling really is the best way to see Bristol. Don’t have your own bike? That’s completely fine, with plenty of hire options and bike shops around there’s no need to worry. Thanks to Bristol’s many traffic free areas and prolific cycle shops, the city was ranked number 1 in the Association of Cycle Traders 2016 poll for best services.

Which city is your favourite to cycle in?

Have you been cycling in any of these cities? Let us know in the comments below!

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